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    I’ve been wanting to make a dating sim with a buncha ocs from my friends for a LONG time. I just kinda… keep forgetting to write stuff out and gather OCs… What is Kanji kentei exactly?

    I’d probably be in the same boat tbh.

    Kanji kentei IRL is like the official testing examination thing to see if you know your kanji stuff. Game-wise it’s to test what the actual examination would be testing and it’s kind of like review and a fun game thing. The one I had would pass you if you got the required score, but if you didn’t it’d block you from the level you were just trying to pass and send you down to the one before. It was actually pretty cool. I also think it had games? not 100% i haven’t touched the game in a few years.



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    when you come back to vegas the next time i will make it a special point to come and punch you in the face with my friendship

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    (´;ω;`) I miss you too! I’m so happy! (P.S. didja notice my number spells boobs? didja? didja? DIDJA?)

    We just need to hang out forever and ever and ever during winter break. 

    Stupid work training making me go back early so I can’t spend more time with you. ;_;

    (hahaha no i didn’t i wasn’t paying attention. :’D)

  5. 13

    Of course you picked 13 you dork. XD

    What can I say that I haven’t already said to you. I feel like we complement each other real well, and I love talking with you because you have intelligent things to say about topics. Even if we don’t agree, you still respect that I have an opinion, and you don’t rain down all sorts of hell because “YOUR OPINION IS WRONG MINE IS RIGHT!!!!!” I like how well you are able to handle yourself and how even when you didn’t know what you wanted to do in life career-wise, you still knew what you wanted to do life-wise, and that’s what counts. Way better than what I can do. STILL ADMIRE YOU.

  6. blackauras said: I honestly don’t know how but I have RPG maker and I got it for free. I think they had a pay what you want deal not too long ago. I wish I would’ve known you wanted it. ALso I need to study kanji too. ; ~;

    I know they had it on the Humble Bundle a little while ago and I MISSED GETTING IT I’M SO UPSET. Because I saw it and wanted it then but was like “nah i don’t need it” and then I was like “OH WAIT I NEED IT” because I’m trying to teach myself to code not just in html and css and all the fun online stuff i want to do GAMES because then i am probably better qualified for localisation. 

    I know that they have kanji kentei games on Amazon but I don’t know where they ship them from. And I think a lot of them are in Japanese, which is great because ~immersion~. Try looking into one of those/CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEA FOR LEXY?

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    I AM GOING TO CRY YOU SWEET THING I have to see you asap to give you a hug how dare you make me feel these friendship feelings hOW DARE

    Come travel to SLC. :’D Or wait until December or something


  8. 1888

    I MISS YOU AND ALL THE SILLY THINGS YOU USED TO DO IN CREATIVE WRITING. This may come off as creepy but it shows just how memorable you are, but whenever I see a post from you about anything I can almost always imagine the way you’d say it as well as your expression and everything. I haven’t seen you in, what, 4 years and I can still imagine that? You are hysterical on so many occasions and it’s just great to see you pop up on my dash because 99% of the time your posts are amusing and make me smile, even when I’m in a crap mood. 

  9. 80085

    You’re such a sweetheart and I find you easy to hang out with. I regret we don’t hang out more because i’m FOUR HUNDRED MILES AWAY but whenever we do I love it. Also, you give some of the BEST HUGS EVER. seriously. I love your hugs. Despite the fact we don’t talk much, I feel like I can come to you to complain and not feel judged, which is so rare nowadays. I miss you so much. ;_;

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    I think.

    I like seeing your twitter stuff all the time because your adventures are extremely entertaining and I miss a lot of your humor and wit. Your kind is sadly lacking up here in Utah. But all throughout high school I liked hanging out with you, and you’re one of the only people from high school who HASN’T gotten sick of me/stopped talking to me. I find that incredible.

    I also really like your writing ability. It’s a fucking punch in the heart and I hope you’re happy that whenever we RP I become a fucking masochist and I just want ALL THE BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN even while I’m saying I don’t want them to happen. I call that a good writer.